Franklin Street Colored School 1916-1917

Gettysburg, PA

Teacher: Amanda E. Lewis (Myers)

First Row

Jesse Washington. Herbert Miller, Chester Clay, Norman Washington, Milton Penn, Catherine Craig, Mary Ccx)per, Lucinda McCullough, Carter, Evelyn Carter, Muriel Penn

Second Row

Leroy Clay, Henry Clay, Richard
Thomas, Sarah Craig, Lloyd
Washington, George Anna
Thomas, Cki,essa Stanton, Norrna
Hillman, Marion Miller

Third Row

Leroy Clay, Henry Clay, Richard
Thomas, Sarah Craig, Lloyd
Washington, George Anna
Thomas, Cki,essa Stanton, Norrna
Hillman, Marion Miller

Ages of Students are estimated on date Amanda E. Lewis (Teacher) was hired. 7 Jul 1916

JESSE FRANCIS WASHINGTON –1st row #1 from left – Age 11 years old
Jesse Francis Washington, born 16 Sep 1906 toJohn Francis and Ruth A. Snowden Washington, at 264 South Washington St., Gettysburg, PA.
Jun 25, 1923, Jesse worked as a Cook and Waiter at the Eagle Hotel on Chambersburg St. and
Testified as a witness for the Eagle Hotel vs Ernest Kranias, Proprietor of the Texas Hot Dog Restaurant
On a charge of conducting a noisy and disorderly place of business and is threatened with an injunction proceedings for disturbing would-be sleepers at the hotel.

Jesse married Perscilla Washington and moved to New York, New York. He was a member of the National Guardin New York. Jesse and Perscilla moved to Baltimore, Md. in the early 50’s.
Jesse Francis Washington died 1 Feb 1974 and Priscilla Dec 1984 both in Baltimore.
Surviving are: four brothers Lloyd Washington 128 Breckenridge Street, Norman Washington Harrisburg, William Washington, Washington, D.C. and George Washington, Webster, Mass., Three sisters, Mrs. Ruth Mosey and Mrs. Kathleen Mitchell, both of New York City, and Mrs. Maeanne Townsend, Gettysburg, and a number of nieces and nephews. Intermentis in Lincoln Cemetery in Gettysburg.

HERBERT D. MILLER- 1st row #2 from left – Age 6 years old
Born 15 Oct. 1911 in Gettysburg, son of Charles Edwardand Cora Miller. of 345 South Washington Street with brothers Ralph Franklin Miller born 1905- died 7 Apr 1931, Charles Edward Miller Jr. Born 1908, sister Marian born 1907 and twins sisters Pauline &Hattie Geraldine Miller, born 1913, along with their maternal grandmother Laura V. Tyler Miller.

Ralph Franklin married Elsie Miller in 1928 in Bonneauville, PA.And they were divorced 21 Sep 1937
Pauline married William Powell of Westminister, Md.
Hattie Geraldine married Fred Douglas Johnson of Ardmore, PA.
Herbert spent his life in and out of jail on charges of Bootlegging liquor and disorderly conduct charges
And convictions.

7 Apr 1931

7 Apr 1931

CHESTER CLAY –1st row #3 from left – Age 7 years old.
Born 6 Jan 1911to Mack Gurkis Aaron & Mary Elizabeth Clay in Gettysburg, PA., grandson to Harry Eugene Clay (U.S. Colored Troops Civil War Veteran) & Clara Hansford Clay. Chester at the age of 10 years old had a perfect attendance record at the Franklin Street School 9 Jun 1920.

Chester Clay’s parents Mack G. Aaron and Mary Elizabeth (Rosie) Butler Clay both died when their car crashed through a lowered safety gate at the Princess Street crossing in York and was hit by a train. The father died about an hour after the accident and the mother died the next day on the 16th of Dec 1930. Chester Moved to Baltimore, Md., and passed there in Oct 1971.

Photos 2 and 3: George Milton Penn Sr. (top) and with son George Jr. (Penny) and daughter Patricia (Pat) Penn (bottom)
NORMAN CLINTONWASHINGTON –1st row #4 from left – Age 7 years old
Norman Clinton Washington Sr., 4th born to John Francis and Ruth (Snowden) Washington on July 22nd 1910, growing up at 115 Breckenridge Street.
Photos 2 and 3: George Milton Penn Sr. (top) and with son George Jr. (Penny) and daughter Patricia (Pat) Penn (bottom)
Norman married Elvira Williams, daughter of Charles D. and Myrtle (Baltimore) Williams. To this union seven children were born: Norman Clinton Jr. Dec. 1930 died at six months from a complication of diseases at home on 8 May 1931, Shirley Ann, Norma Jean, Nancy Jeanette (1944), Paulette, Deborah Mae (1946), Barbara Elaine, died at age 3 years old Thomas Washington and Charles B. Washington.
GEORGE MILTON PENN- 1st row #5 from left – Age 6 years old
George Milton Penn (called Milton) born to Huber and Mary Jane Reed Penn 5 Apr. 1911, Gettysburg, Adams County, PA. Milton along with older sister Muriel, brothers William (called Willie), and Joseph Evans Penn Wansel, lived at 266 South Washington Street with grandparents William and Nettie Edna Mathews Reed. Their great aunt Laura A.V. Reed (William’s sister) and Anna Carter (Widow)
Mar. 13, 1928 – Age 16, Milton, played on a championship colored basketball team named the Harmony Five with George Cook, Richard Thomas Jr., Norman & William Washington, Oliver Carter and George Smith.

Feb. 10, 1930 –Milton Penn and Albert Stanton, well known colored dancers would perform the latest dances at different high society parties around town.
Dec. 20, 1931 – Age 20, Milton was arrested on a charge of assault and battery on Frances Mills brought by her mother Mrs. George Lewis.
Dec. 15, 1934 – Age 23, Milton had two children with 17 year old Olive Mae Howard, a son George Milton (Penny) Penn Jr. (1935), and a daughter Patricia Mae Penn (1937).
Jan. 29, 1940 – Age 29, Milton married Marie Obie Fisher of Harrisburg, PA., and moved to Freeport, New York.

Photo4:George Milton Penn Sr. children: son George Jr., daughter-in-law Patricia Van Brakle Penn and daughter Patricia Mae Penn Johnson

Oct. 29, 1940 – The first name drawn in the draft from Gettysburg was George Milton Penn Sr., whose serial number is 848.
Sep. 3, 1943, George enlisted in the U.S. Navy and following basic training at Great Lakes, Illinois, Nov 3, Milton visited his family in Gettysburg including his wife Marie, sister Muriel, who traveled from New York and sister-N-law Rosette Robinson Wansel from Chambersburg, PA.
Jan. 1944, Milton reported to the U.S. Navy Magazine Command Division in Port Chicago, Calif. loading munitions on ships for the Pacific Theatre. On liberty in San Francisco, Milton met hometown friend
Charles (Chewy) Myers and they had a grand old time together. George shipped out in June 1944 from Port Chicago on the U.S.S. Hale DD642, weeks before the Munitions Depot exploded killing hundreds of sailors. George spent 7 months on the U.S.S. Hale DD642; his tour included Pearl Harbor, the Philippines and Tokyo Japan. He saw action in Tokyo Bay during July and following Japan’s surrender, entered the Port on August 27, 1945. His Ship left Tokyo for Seattle, Washington on Oct. 1, 1945. George Milton
Penn Sr. on Nov. 15, 1945 was Honorable Discharged from the Navy in Nashville, Tenn. Milton returned to Gettysburg for a short time and then moved back to New York.
Photo 5Daughter Patricia Mae and Milton’s grandchildren

George Milton Penn Sr. died at home in Jamaica, Queens, New York on Jan 4, 1995 and is buried in Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, New York.

CATHERINE CRAIG- 1st row #6 from left – Age 9 years old
Catherine R. Craig born 9 Oct 1908to George Edward & Grace Belle (Walker) Craig in McConnellsburg, PA.
Catherine married John Clements and they moved to York, PA.
Catherine (Aunt Kate) Craig Clements died 16 Jan 1997 in York, PA. and is buried in the Lincoln Cemetery.

Photo 10: Cora Craig Wise (Katherine’s sister)

MARY COOPER –1st row #7 from left– Age 10 years old
Mary Cooper born17 Aug 1907to Walter & Lottie Dorsey Cooper in Gettysburg, PA.

June 3, 1921 – Franklin Street Colored School class students promoted to Meade School consists of Mary Cooper, Sarah Craig, William Jones, Angelina Forsette, Anna Thomas, Ernestine Venture and Ruth Washington

 3 Jun 1921

Mary Cooper married Hugee Purdy on Nov. 23, 1925 and moved to Harrisburg, PA., sometime later, Mary moved back to Gettysburg and lived on Long Lane. Mary was arrested several times on drunken and disorderly charges with Joseph or James Evans from the C.C.C. Camp.

Mary Cooper Purdy died May 1992 in Harrisburg, Pa. and is buried there.

LUCINDA McCULLOUGH- 1st row #8 from left – Age 6 years old
Lucinda McCullough born in 1911 to Clarence Ellsworth & Mary Edith Cormany McCullough in Gettysburg, PA.

Article 5: 3 Oct 1910 Gettysburg Times

The granddaughter of Thomas McCullough a Civil War Veteran, who served in Company F, 32nd U.S. Colored Infantry and Mary Ward McCullough.

1840-31 Oct 1914

1845-20 Sep 1916

Lucinda McCullough’sAunt Lizzie McCullough married Herbert Matthews, son of Ruth Annie Matthews who was married to William H. Evans, William and Ruth Annie owned the Evans restaurant at 256 South Washington St.and after William Evans death, Ruth Annie married James W. Himes 16 Oct 1924.

MAZIE CARTER – 1st row # 9 from left – Age 6 years old
Mazie Carter born 26 Aug 1911 to Clinton Gilbert& Francis Howard Carter.

Mazie was 11 years old when her father Clinton died of pneumonia on 6 Apr 1922

Mazie mother married John H. Williamson of Carlisle and according to the 1930 census was living in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA.
Mazie graduated High school and married Otis A. Price of Philadelphia, PA. and made their home there. Mazie & Otis had two daughters Janet (1934) and Mazie (1939). Mazie passed in Aug 1972 and Otis passed 4 Jun 1989

EVELYN V. CARTER – 1st row #10 from left – Age 7 years old
Evelyn V. Carter born 15 Feb 1910 to Clinton Gilbert& Francis Howard Carter

EVELYN V. CARTER – 1st row #10 from left – Age 7 years old
Evelyn V. Carter born 15 Feb 1910 to Clinton Gilbert& Francis Howard Carter

Evelyn Carter and Muriel Penn graduated with Honorable mentions from Meade School 3 Jun 1923
Evelyn married Leroy T. Washington and according to the 1930 census was living with her mother and stepfather, John H. Williamson in Carlisle, Cumberland, PA. and in the 1940 census living at 125 Lincoln Street in Carlisle. Seven children were born to Evelyn and Leroy T. Washington Sr., Leroy T. Jr. and twin sister Frances V. (1931), Dorothy I. (1932), Mackall S. (1935), Rebecca L. (1936), Clyde G. (1938) and Evelyn V. Washington (1939).
Leroy T. Washington Sr., born 13 Jun 1908 and died 23 Oct 1988. Evelyn died Jan 1992

Muriel Penn Harriel in 1932 and 1947

Muriel Penn, 1st born in 1909 to Huber Clifford and Mary Jane Reed Penn,the granddaughter of William Elmer and Nettie Edna Reed (Mathews) with whom she lived with her brothers George Milton, William Clinton, Joseph Evans, aunt’s Laura A.V. Reed and Anna Biggs Carter at 266 South Washington St.

Muriel attended the Franklin Street and Meade School, graduating 8th grade 3 Jun 1923.

Muriel married Frank R. Harriel of Frederick, Md.and a member of C.C.C. Camp on the Gettysburg National Battlefield on 23 Jul 1934.Muriel had no children, but her husband Frank fathered a son Richard (Dickie) Harriel born 21 Mar 1934, with Eleanor S. Timbers age 16 years old and her mother Ellen Timbers had Frank arrested on a statutory charge.

22 Oct 1938

Muriel and Frank R. Harriel were divorced on Mar 24, 1945 and moved to Hempstead, Long Island, New York .

23 Jul 1934

24 Mar 1945

Muriel Penn Harriel died at her home in Hempstead, Long Island, New York 28 Feb 1954

LEROY CLAY- 2nd row #1 from left – Age 9 years old
Leroy Clay born 10 Jan 1908 to Mack Gurkis Aaron and Mary Elizabeth (Rosie) Butler.
Mack Gurkis Aaron Clay married Mary Elizabeth 28 Sep 1904 (see Notes on Chester Clay)

 Leroy Clay

Leroy Clay passed in Palmyra, Lebanon, Pa. in Jun 1976

HENRY CLAY – 2nd row #2 from left – Age 10 years old
Henry Eugene Clay born 7 Jul 1907 to Mack Gurkis Aaron and Mary Elizabeth (Rosie) Butler
Grandson to Harry Eugene and Clara Hansford Clay. (See notes on Chester Clay)
Henry Clay in 1940 census was single, living and working as a Baker in Baltimore, Md.

Leroy & Sister Clara Clay

RICHARD HENRY THOMAS JR.- 2nd row #3 from left – Age 8 years old
Richard Henry Thomas Jr. Born 24 Feb 1909, 6th of 13 children born to Richard Henry Sr. and Laura F.A. (Watts) Thomas.
May 16, 1914, Richard was taken to the York hospital suffering from a jaw bone broken in two places by the kick of a horse.

June 7, 1920 Richard’s brother Donald P. Thomas died of tuberculosis.
Aug 25, 1924, Richard joined the newly formed Boy Scouts.

 Henry Eugene Clay

Richard excelled in school and was an outstanding athlete, playing on baseball, football and basketball teams.

Richard married Mary L. Mitchell of Philadelphia, PA. and made their home in Chambersburg, PA., of this union eight children was born. Josephine (1933), Richard III (1938), Patsy (1939) and Clementine Thomas (1940), William C. and Phyllis Thomas.
Richard Henry Thomas Jr. died 20 Dec 1995 and his wife Mary L. Mitchell Thomas died 15 Dec 2006 in Fayetteville, Franklin, Pa. and both are buried in Mount Vernon Cemetery, Chambersburg, Pa.

SARAH CRAIG –2nd row #4 from left– Age 10 years old


Sarah Craig born 1906 to George E. and Grace Walker Craig, the 2nd of three girls, Cora E. and Katherine in Cashtown, Adams County, PA. Her family moved to Gettysburg 3rd Ward in 1912.
Dec. 13, 1919, On a Friday evening at Franklin Street School the members of the Busy Bee Club presented a two-act comedy entitled “Tommy’s Christmas”. The cast was as follows: Tommy Spriggings, SARAH CRAIG, Ned Winters, Charlotte Johnson, Susie Spriggings, Tommy’s sisters, Beulah Mathews, Mrs. Spriggings, Naomi Thomas, Hans Pimpledorfer, Anna Thomas, Bert Spriggings, Tommy’s cousin, Catherine Craig, Washington Jones, William Jones, Tim Meachem, bootblack, Evelyn Carter, Nora McCarty, Clara Clay, Mary Jane Sprocket, Muriel Penn. Others who took part in the play were Milton Penn, William Penn, Marion Miller, Julia Fletcher, Lucinda McCullough, and John Jones. The members of the club sang several Christmas selections between the acts. The proceeds of the play will be used for school improvement.
Dec 31, 1920, The Franklin Street School will conduct an oratorical contest under the auspices of the Teachers and Patrons League of Gettysburg Sunday evening at 8 o’clock in the Asbury M.E. Church.
Mary Cooper, SARAH CRAIG, Angelina Faucette, William Jones, Anna Thomas, Ernestine Venture and Ruth Washington are the members of the sixth grade of the school who will complete for a silver medal offered by the W.C.T.U. A silver offering will be taken.

Sarah Craig Burhanan passed at home 26 Aug 1987

LLOYD FRANCIS WASHINGTON – Age 9 years old, 2nd row #5 from left
Lloyd Francis Washington born 22 May 1908 to John F. and Ruth A. Snowden Washington. Lloyd with twin sister Ruth, sisters Maeanna and Kathleen, brothers Jess, Norman, William P. And George Washington spent their early years growing up on Breckenridge and South Washington Streets and attending Franklin Street SchoolJuly 6, 1934 – Lloyd married Clara A. Williams and lived at 128 Breckenridge Street. To this union fourchildren were born, Francis E., Regina, John A. and Lloyd T. Washington. Lloyd worked as head cook at Huber Hall of Gettysburg College for 12 years and head chef at Peace Light Inn for 33years.

Lloyd Francis Washington died at home 128 Breckenridge St. from a heart attack on 21 Feb. 1977

GEORGE ELLSWORTH COOK–Age 8 years old, 2ND row #6 from left
George Ellsworth Cook born in 1909, to Carson Valentine (Mulatto) and Ella Cook (White) into a troubled home, located on Long Lane.
Dec 24, 1913, Ella Cook was attacked by Nellie Cross on Christmas Eve, with Nellie being arrested onAssault and Battery Charges. On the day in question, two of the Cross children visited at the Cook home in the third ward and it seems mistreated her little son. (George Cook) She at once put the visiting children out of the house and in leaving, one of them fell. Nellie Cross heard of it and prepared for revenge. Taking off her coat and rolling up her sleeves in true fistic style, she descended upon the Cook home, caught the Cook woman about the throat, put her under the Christmas tree and then retired.
Ella Cook’s reputation is little, if any better than that of the Cross woman, the Valentine-Cook case having aroused the indignation of the people of the community for years.
(Note: date 3 Jan. 1914).
Nov. 8, 1912 Carson Valentine was charged with Adultery under the “Law and Order Society”.
Feb. 1, 1913 Carson Valentine was sentenced by Judge Swope to a term of eight months in the county jail, on a charge of Adultery involving Ella Cook, the white girl with whom Valentine has lived for some years. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Cook reside in Gettysburg.
The 1920 census has George Cook living in the household of Rev. William O. and Hannah Jane Lyles as their adopted son, age 11. George was an outstanding athlete in High School at Gettysburg, lettering in Football and Basketball.
Aug 25, 1924 – George joined the Boy Scout and was promoted to Patrol Leader, organized by Basil Biggs of York as Scout Master, Richard Thomas Jr., Assistant, Edward Miller, Scribe, with members William, Curry, George Milton Penn Sr., Norman Washington, Dwight Thomas, William Washington, William Penn, Albert Stanton and Herbert Miller. Allen Brown Acting Scout Master.
Mar. 13, 1928 – George Cook, Richard Thomas Jr. Norman Washington, Oliver Carter, George Smith, William Washington and George Milton Penn Sr. played on a Championship basketball team called the Harmony Five.
Jun. 8, 1928 – George Ellsworth Cook and Sarah Lillian Bridgett of York, PA. were married by Rev. R.E. Winston of Gettysburg.
16 Aug 1930 – George Cook and Phyllis Carter was involved in an automobile accident at Murray’s gas station on the Lincoln Highway, about 1 mile east of Caledonia. Phyllis suffered a cut above the right eye.
Jun 11, 1931 – George Cook, Jesse Washington, Norman Washington, Reuben Lyles, Bruce Tonsil, Wendel Barnes, Thomas Carter, Charles Timbers, George Milton Penn sr. Charles Cross, Calvin Cross, Oliver Carter, Leroy Clay, Leroy Mauston and John Jones worked as cooks and waiters at the encampment of the Sons of Veterans at Lancaster, PA.
Feb 10, 1932 – George was arrested on a charge of Desertion & Non-support brought by his wife Sarah Lillian Bridgett Cook.
Mar. 30, 1932 – George Cook held without bail for stabbing John Hoffman. Cook was not represented by Counsel at the hearing, but his father Carson Valentine was with him.
Sep 12, 1932 – George along with family members Reuben and Daisy Lyles Clay were injured in an automobile accident near Westminster, Maryland.
Apr. 28 1934 – George was convicted and sentenced to 1 ½ to 3 years in Eastern Penitentiary for Assault and Battery. Nothing is known of him since.

ANNA BELLETHOMAS 2nd row #7 from left Age 9 years old
Anna Belle Thomas, born 23 Dec 1906, 5th of 12 children born to Richard Henry Thomas Sr. and Laura F.A. Watts Thomas. Richard Thomas married Laura F. A. Watts 20 Feb 1896

20 Feb. 1896

Their 1st son, Lloyd Watts Thomas born 9 Sep 1896 died from pneumonia at age 17 years old.

26 Apr 1914

A 2nd son, Howard Thomas (1901), Emory J. (1902), Donald (1 Sep. 1902-7 Jun 1920), Naomi Elise (1905), Richard H. Jr. (1910), Hazel M. (1911), Sarah F. (1912), Dwight (1913), Caryl (1917), Margaret V. (1919), James M. Thomas (1924)
The Thomas family was highly respected by the citizens of Gettysburg and Adams County. Anna’s grandfather was Lloyd F. A. Watts, the 1st accredited school teacher of the Franklin Street School.

Anna’s father, Richard Henry Thomas Sr. was elected the 1st Exalted Ruler of Lincoln Lodge 145 of ELKS

Anna B. Thomas married William Thompson of Carlisle, PA. 22 Mar 1928

22 March 1928

Anna Belle Thomas Thompson passed 5 Oct 1995 in Carlisle, Pa.

ODESSA ELIZABETH STANTON 2nd row #8 from left Age 7 years old

Odessa Elizabeth Stanton born 9 Apr 1910 to Carrie Louise Stantonand the Step-daughter of John Emory Thomas

Odessa Elizabeth Stanton married George Earl Barnes about 1930 and made their home at 143 Breckenridge St., Gettysburg, Pa.  Five children were born to them. Earl E. (1929), Geraldine E. (1930), Betty Jane (1931), Robert D. (1936) and David C. Barnes (1938). Odessa was very active in school, church and community activities.

                                 12 Dec 1987                                             

27 Mar 1967

5 Mar 1979

NORMA HILLMAN 2nd row #9 from left Age 8 years old

Norma Elizabeth Hillman born 1909 to Norman Clinton and Elizabeth McCullough Hillman.

Norman Clinton and Elizabeth McCullough were married 25 May 1899 in Gettysburg and they had three children Ella (Ellen) M. (1898), Janice M. (1900) and Norma Elizabeth Hillman. According to Norman’s Military Registration 1918, He lived at 246 W. Middle St. and worked as a Waiter at the Eagle Hotel. Norman and Elizabeth were divorce 30 Aug 1913. The 1920 U.S. census shows Norma Elizabeth as living in the household with only her father Norman.

MARION MILLER –2ND row #10 from left Age 10 years old.

Born in 1907 to Charles Edward & Cora Miller

AMANDA E. LEWIS – TEACHER 3rd row #1 from left Age 24 years old.

Amanda E. Lewis born April 3, 1892 to John H. and Mamie (Brown) Lewis of Harrisburg, Pa.

OLIVER CARTER – 3rd row # 2 from left Age 12 years old.

Oliver C. Carter born 1905 according to 1910 U. S. Census and was a foster son of William Francis & Cecilia Eliza Jane (Biggs) Penn.

1 Feb 1925

26 Jun 1920

Oliver married Angie H. Penn and they had a son name Oliver Francis (Sonny) Carter born 1925 and a daughter Catherine V. Carter born 1926 in Gettysburg, Pa.


HELEN COOPER – 3RD row #3 from left Age 13 years old

Helen Cooper born 9 May 1904 to Walter & Lottie (Dorsey) Cooper in Gettysburg, PA.

Helen married Sterrett Addison Dorsey Sr. and they had 3 children. Son Walter Dorsey, born 1921 in Gettysburg, PA., and passed on 24 Aug 1919 in Fairfield, PA.

Son Sterrett Addison Dorsey Jr. born 31 Mar. 1926, joined the U.S. Navy and died in WWII on 3 Dec 1945.

Daughter, Nancy May Jackson, 1961 graduate of Gettysburg High School and now lives in Washington D.C.

Nancy May Jackson

Helen was very active in the daily activities of the 3rd Ward and the Dorsey Stanton American Legion Auxiliary, which bares her son’s name. Helen passed at the Green Acres Nursing Home in Gettysburg, PA. 21 Jan 1986. Her husband Sterrett Dorsey Sr. passed in 1948.

ELISE ROBINSON 3rd row #4 from left


CLARA ELIZABETH CLAY – 3rd row # 5 from left Age 10

Clara Elizabeth Clay

Clara Elizabeth Clay born 11 May 1906 to Mack Gurkis Aaron & Mary Elizabeth Clay in Baptist Alley, Gettysburg, PA., granddaughter to Harry Eugene& Clara Hansford Clay.

Clara Elizabeth Clay married Charles Edward Rogers Sr., and made their home in Baltimore, Md., a daughter Eunice Delores and a son Charles Edward Rogers Jr.  was born.

Clara Elizabeth Clay Rogers passed 24 Sep. 1971 in Baltimore, Md.

Leroy Clay – Age 9 – 2nd born to Aaron Mack G. & Mary E. Clay in Gettysburg, PA., grandson to Harry E. & Clara Hansford Clay.

Henry Clay – Age 8 – 3rd born to Aaron Mack G. & Mary E. Clay in Gettysburg, PA., grandson to Harry E. & Clara Hansford Clay.

Franklin Street School Students Present every day during the month of November

13 Dec 1923

Colored School Students

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28 May 1912

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