Grass Roots

The Gettysburg Black History Museum, Inc. was born from an extension of the The Third Ward Concerned Citizens, later called Concerned Neighbors. Its purpose was to improve the declining social and economic conditions of the geographic area spanning Breckenridge, South Washington and West High Streets in the Third Ward, a political district of the Gettysburg Borough. Currently with a  board of severn members, Gettysburg Black History Museum, Inc. began and remains a grass-roots organization. 

Our Vision

The vision of the Gettysburg Black History Museum is to educate visitors of the trials, struggles and contributions of Black families in American history.

Our Mission

The Gettysburg Black History Museum will showcase the challenges and life experiences of Black people who lived in and fled through Gettysburg on their way north in search of freedom. The museum will also exemplify the Black peoples’ commitment to their faith and community which enabled them to not only persevere but to add significant contributions towards America’s well being. A visit to the museum will challenge visitors to treat all people with dignity and respect.

The Reason

To unearth Gettysburg’s Black History. It is critical that we begin to share this history with others especially the children for whom this information will provide a sense of pride and respect in our rich history and heritage. Local historians and other enthusiasts have researched and uncovered family histories, narratives, photographs, public records, oral interviews and published documents that highlight the many achievements of Gettysburg and Adams County’s African American families.
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